Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black Devil "Disco Club"

This is a great new discovery I made today. Produced in 1978, this french album is a different view of the whole disco culture. The author's name is Bernard Fevre. I find this one way more interesting than most of the other works released in this genre, since the vocals, analogic sounds and the beats add a characteristic effect to this.
Here's the track list:
A1 "H" Friend 5:43
A2 Timing, Forget The Timing 4:34
A3 One To Choose 4:57

B1 We Never Fly Away Again 4:53
B2 Follow Me (Instrumental) 5:15
B3 No Regrets 5:00

06 - no regrets by

Here it is some info taken from the blog [Holy Warbles] where I found this excellent musical work. I found out that some of this info was also extracted from wikipedia:
'Originally released in 1978, Black Devil's 'Disco Club' is an extremely rare disco masterpiece, an epic journey into the deepest electronic disco. The record is credited to Junior Claristidge and Joachim Sherylee, pseudonyms of two french library writers Bernard Fevre and Jacky Giordano, respectively. It was made manually in a recording studio in the suburbs of Paris using synths and occasional tape loops and a drummer. No midi or computers'
i really envy any youngsters who get to hear this for the first time. do not hesitate to follow the link for more Bernie Fevre supersounds. the Musax material is particularly potent & provided there's interest, i just got a new black devil dub joint i could post in the future"

Here's a remake made around 2007:

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